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The 3 Dogs In A Veterinarian Clinic


There are 3 dogs in a veterinarian clinic: a Poodle, a Chihuahua, and a Great Dane.

The poodle asks the Chihuahua,” What are you in here for?”

The Chihuahua says,” Well usually I’m a good dog…but I have a huge problem with my mailman.

I don’t know why, I just always have to bite him, and I gave him a serious injury.

So… they’re going to put me to sleep today.

What are you here for?” he asks the poodle.

The poodle says, “Well usually I’m a pretty good dog, but my owner’s son always sticks his finger in my food while I’m eating.

And when he does that…I just got to bite him I don’t know why.

And I really hurt him. So they’re going to put me to sleep today.”

The two dogs look at the Great Dane, and the Great Dane is like 20 times bigger than them.

And they ask,” DAMN MAN!!! What are you in here for? You never see Great Danes in the pound.”

And the Great Dane says,” Awwww, you guys wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

And they said, “JUST TELL US!”

So the Great Dane says,

“Well usually I’m a pretty good dog, but you see I have like the hottest owner in the world.

She’s a beautiful woman with a HOT RACK and nice bum.

One day when she got out of the shower, she bent over to get a towel.

When she did, I totally lost all self-control.

So I mounted her and started GOING AT IT!!!”

The two dogs say,

“DAMN MAN!!! So they’re going to put you to sleep too huh???”

And the Great Dane replies,



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