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Naughty Jokes

The Guessing Game

It was a little boy’s first day in school and a teacher was going to play a “guessing” game.

She passed out different items to each of the students and proceeded to ask each student what item they received.

When it was the new boy, Kenny’s turn, the teacher gave him a candy kiss.

She asked “Do you know what it is?”

Kenny replied “No”
The teacher said, “Go ahead and open it up and taste it.”

Little Kenny did so.

The teacher then asked, “Now do you know what it is?”

Little Kenny said “No.”

The teacher said, “I”ll give you a hint it is something your daddy wants from your mommy every morning before he goes to work.”

A little girl in the back of the class jumps up and screams “KENNY, SPIT IT OUT… IT’S A PIECE OF A*S.”


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