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There were two call girls - Lolopo
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There were two call girls

There were two call girls, one was very beautiful and the other was ugly.

The beautiful call girl used to make around $1,000-$3,000 a month but the ugly one made around $10,000-$13,000.

Confused to why the bang the ugly one made more money than her, the beautiful call girl went to the ugly one and asked her.

“Hey girl ! How are you? Looks like you’re doing great ,you bought a new car and an apartment, where did you get the money?”.

On this the ugly bitch replied.

“Actually I play games with my customer and so I earn a lot, maybe more than you.

What I do with my customer is that when we have lovemaking I put a small firecracker in my private part and when it blows up, I start shouting oh you blew up my private part you b*stard, scared that this may put them in trouble my customers end up paying me $500-$800 to get away”.

Hearing this, the beautiful blonde call girl went to the shop to buy some firecrackers, but as the less power crackers were not available that day she bought a huge powerful firecracker and went to work.

While having lovemaking she put the big bomb in her private part and it went off with a huge bang.

Then the call girl started shouting as planned “You blew up my private part you blew up my private part”.

On this the customer replied, “You bitch, the hell with your private part, where the bang is my weapon”.


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