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Three Women Are Out On The Town - Lolopo
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Three Women Are Out On The Town

Three women are out on the town for a girl’s night.

After 3 hours at the local bar, they are all completely hammered and finding a cab was difficult, so they all decided to walk home.

After about 20 minutes they had to piss but no place was open as it was past 3AM however they found a cemetery that was discreet for them all to urinate.

The First woman goes first by a tree and ruins her undergarment and throws them away,

The Second one squats behind a bush but she had on really expensive underwear and did not want to ruin them and places them in her purse and uses leaves to clean up.

The Third lady pees right by a wreath and uses a piece of paper to clean up.

The next morning, their 3 husbands are having coffee together talking about their wives coming home.

Husband 1: I have no idea what happened last night but my wife came home and she wasn’t wearing her underwear…

Husband 2: Mine came home without her undergarment as well yet I found them hanging out of her purse

Husband 3: You thing that’s bad? Mine came home with a card stuck on her bum saying “From all of us at the Fire Department, We’ll never forget you”


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