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Naughty Jokes

Two thugs walked into a Mexican bank

Two thugs walked into a Mexican bank and demanded that the teller hand over all she had.

No comprehend (I don’t understand) was her innocent response.

Unsure of how to proceed, one of the thugs held out his gun and screamed anyone hear speak Spanish?

Hesitantly, a young man approached.

With his gun to the teller’s head, the thug had his now interpreter demand of the teller hand over all the money you have! I have none was her nervous response.

It’s all locked up! Ask her where the key is! the thug demanded the interpreter, now with his gun even closer to the teller’s head.

It’s in the bottom right drawer! responded the teller immediately.

She said she will not tell you where the key is, and you can even pull the trigger on her! Responded the greedy interpreter.


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