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Two women are discussing life - Lolopo
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Two women are discussing life

Two women are discussing life in the retirement village they live in with their spouses and how they like it.

One woman tells the other that she misses make love though to which the other replies that her and her hubby still have lovemaking whenever she wants.

The first woman asks how and the second woman says every so often when he’s in the bathroom getting ready for bed she gets undressed and lays on the bed holding her legs up in the air so when he comes out he can’t help but have make love with her.

The first woman decides to try this a couple of weeks later.

Her husband is in the bathroom getting ready for bed so she gets undressed, lays down and struggles to get one leg up and then the other as she’s holding them shakily.

Her husband comes out and exclaims, “Good Lord woman, put in your teeth and brush your hair….you’re starting to look like an bastard!”


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