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Relationship Jokes

A boy’s parents are fighting

A boy’s parents are fighting and the mom calls the dad a Bastard and the dad calls the mom a Bitch.

The kid asks them what it means and they say Ladies and Gentlemen.

That night the son walks in on his parents having angry lovemaking.

The dad say “feel my weapon” and the mom says “taste it my melons”

The son asks “what does that mean” and the parents say Hats and Coats.

The next day the dad is shaving and cuts himself so he screams “shit!” and the kid asks what it meas and the dad says its a brand of shaving cream.

The kid then goes downstairs and the mom is stuffing the turkey and accidentally cuts herself and screams”bang!”

When the guests arrive for Thanksgiving dinner the kid answers the door and says.

“Alright you Bitches and Bastards, hang your weapon and melons in the closet, Dad’s upstairs wiping the Shit off his face and Mom’s in the kitchen bang the turkey!”


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