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Relationship Jokes

A Grandpa Is Taking Care Of His Grandson

One day, grandpa is taking care of his grandson sitting on the porch, he’s watching him picking up worms and trying to put them back in their holes on the dirt.

That won’t work, son. They’re too soft and too slimy to be inserted like that.

Wanna bet, grandpa?

I’m telling you, it won’t work.

How about $10?

Seeing how confident the kid was, he agrees.

Next thing he knows, the kid rushes inside and comes out with grandma’s hair spray.

He takes a worm and doses it thoroughly.

In seconds the worn goes stiff and he manages to insert it on the first try.

Grandpa grabs the can and tells him to wait, then goes inside.

Half an hour passes and he finally comes back, handling the kid $60 bucks.

Here, take it.

But that’s more than I asked for.

$10 are for the bet.

The other $50 are from your grandma as a thank you.


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