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Relationship Jokes

A man aged about 60 married

After retirement, a man aged about 60 married a young 25 year old woman…..

Now he was spending less time with his friends, his concerned friends enquirer if there was a problem.

“I’m eager to pass time with you all, but my young wife gets lonely when I’m away.”

His friends advised him :

“Keep a young tenant at home, your wife will be happy in the company of a younger person”.

He promptly acted on their advice and leased a room in his big house to a young tenant.

Now the friends were meeting more often.

One day the friends jokingly asked, : ““How is your wife now?”

He said “She is not lonely at all, in fact she is happy and in fact she is pregnant”

The friends laughed, as they expected this.

“And how is the tenant?” they asked.

He replied very soberly “She is also pregnant .,.”

Never underestimate the old guys.


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