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Relationship Jokes

A married woman comes home

A married woman comes home early and finds her husband having ferocious make love with a young attractive woman in their marital bed.

She immediately says: “You bastard, you son of a bitch, I’m calling my lawyer and divorcing you this minute, after all The love and devotion I have given you all these years, this is how you repay me?!!”

The husband then replies: “Can you at least let me explain?”

Wife says:” explain??? go ahead, though this is inexcusable”

Husband says: “I was on my way to work, then I saw this young lady in the street with almost no clothes, barefoot and basically homeless, she begged me for anything so I gave her shelter in our home.

Remember those shoes that I bought you that you threw away because one of your friends already had them?

Well, I gave them to her and she loved them, and remember those clothes I gave you for your birthday that you threw away because you said they made you look fat??

Well, I gave them to her and she loved them, also the steak that I cooked for you yesterday that you refused because you were all of the sudden vegans, well she ate it all…

Then just before she was heading out, she asked me: “is there anything else your wife doesn’t want”?


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