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A mother takes her daughter to a clinic - Lolopo
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A mother takes her daughter to a clinic

A mother takes her daughter to a clinic

She tells the doctor that her daughter has been having terrible nausea in the morning, lost her appetite, and even missed a period.

The doctor examines her, orders a bloodwork, and tells them to come back later in the evening.

The mom and girl come back. The doctor announces that the girl is pregnant.

The visibly irked mother tells the doctor in a very indignant tone:

“But that is not possible at all.

I have ensured that she doesn’t have any boyfriends, she goes to an all girls Catholic school, and dresses like a nun.

She is absolutely a virgin.

You probably haven’t examined her well! You are wrong!!”

The girl doesn’t speak a word and stays fidgeting while looking at her toes.

The doctor stands up and walks to the window.

As he peeps out, the mother says,

“Well..aren’t you going to say something? Order more tests? Refer us to a different doctor?

What are you looking for through that window anyway?”

The doctor turns.

“Ma’am. The last time this happened a star appeared in the east


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