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A young couple is due to be married - Lolopo
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A young couple is due to be married

A young couple is due to be married soon.

The woman’s hot sister asks the groom to be to come over and help her with her tax return, as he’s an accountant.

He obliges and is met at the door by the sister in some revealing clothes.

He tries to ignore this and carries on as a professional.

As they work through the tax details she gets more and more suggestive, when finally she gets up, bends over and whispers in his ear,

“Meet me upstairs”.

She winks and slinks up the stairs, stopping only to remove her underclothes and throw them down to the shocking accountant downstairs.

He sits for quite a few moments, before getting up and walking quickly to the front door.

As he steps outside he’s met by his soon to be a wife and her parents. “Surprise!”, they say.

It turns out they wanted to be sure that he was the right man for her and would remain faithful no matter what.

He passed the test, which they were thrilled about and welcomed him inside where they opened some champagne in celebration.


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