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Relationship Jokes

Johnny Is Sitting Between His Mum And Dad

Little Johnny is sitting between his Mum and Dad on the sofa and they are playing a game about what sounds animals say.

His Mum says “What does a duck say, Johnny?”

He says”Quack quack Mummy.”

His Mum says “Very good Johnny, that’s right.”

She says “What does a dog say?”

He says “Woof woof Mummy.”

She says “Very good.”

She says “What does a cat say?”

He says “Meow meow Mummy.”

She says “Yes that’s right.”

Little Johnny says “Let Daddy have a go.”

His dad says

“Ok Johnny, what does a cow say?”

The little Johnny looks confused and his Dad says

“Come on Johnny you know what a cow says.”

Little Johnny says

“Yes I do but do you mean a cow that eats grass and gives us our milk, or the one you were talking to Uncle John about, that said you couldn’t go to the St@g show with him?”


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