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Relationship Jokes

Little Johnny is in his closet

Little Johnny is in his closet when he hears a noise.

His mom comes in and starts making love with someone other than his dad.

He hears a door slam and his mother say “Oh no, my husband his home! Quick! Hide in the closet.”

The man get in the closet and little Johnny says: “Dark in here isn’t it?”

The man is startled but then calms down. “Yes it is.”

“Do you want to buy my baseball glove?”


“I could go to my dad.”

“Fine. How much? ”


“Fine. ”

This happens again later in the week.

“Dark in here isn’t it?”

“Yes, yes it is.”

“Do you want to buy my baseball bat?”

“How much?”


A few days later his dad wants to play ball with him and tells him to go get his glove and bat.

“I can’t. I sold them to my friends.”

“For how much?”


“That is way too much. I am taking you to church right now for a confession.”

They get to the church and little Johnny gets in the booth.

“Dark in here, isn’t it?”

The reverend says: “Don’t start that shit again. Your in MY closet now.”


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