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A Asian Lady Went To The Bank

An Asian lady went to the bank to check the exchange rate.

She kept coming in a few times every day to check the exchange rate.

One day, she approached the teller with a huge bag that she struggled to lift onto the counter.

“I want change China money to US dollars”

She plumped a huge pile of Chinese currency on the counter.

Thousands and thousands of Renminbi. A mountain of red and white paper.

The teller carefully counted it and told the lady how much USD she would receive.

“WHAT!” She went full Karen. “That not enough! Not enough! You try to cheat me! I want manager now! I want see manager NOW!”

The teller quietly replied that the calculation was correct and that the manager would say the same thing.

“Collect? COLLECT? Why it collect? It no collect. You tell me better exchange rate yesterday, now you tell me some other thing.

You NOT collect! Why so diffelent? Wah lan! Why diffelent, chee bye?”


“Fluc you white plicks too!”


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