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A bar Is Testing Out A Innovative

The bar owner has noticed a relatively major problem in her area- people come in to drink, and when they are ready to head out, they feel obligated to finish the drink they paid for.

This little bit is enough to push many patrons past their limit and the bar owner wants to do something to encourage responsible drinking.

The owner decides that she is going to introduce an exchange system.

She decides that any patron of her bar will be able to leave an unfinished drink at a designated spot on the counter, and if they can currently spare it, they will give the customer a free small food item in place of the unfinished drink.

They test out the system at the bar, and overall it’s a resounding success!

The one issue that is brought up is that people want to be able to choose their food items rather than having the bar choose for them.

The bar owner decides to address this by giving her bartenders authority over deciding if someone can request a certain item or not, and that it can depend on how much is left in their drink so that the system does not get taken advantage of.

Around that time, a group of friends is visiting the bar.

They are having a great time, drinking, laughing, and even doing a little bit of singing.


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