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I Asked This Girl To Prom

She said yes! As long as I took care of all the details!

So I took some odd jobs mowing grass, washing cars, walking dogs all to be able to afford buying the the things I needed to buy!

I finally saved up enough money and set out to get the things we’d need.

First I needed to get her a dress, so I headed to the dress shop. The line was insane!

It went clear around the side of the building almost to the street!

I got in line and waited and waited and finally picked out a dress and bought it for her.

Next I needed a tux, so I drove to the tux rental place and low and behold the line was even longer than the dress shop!

So I got in line and waited and waited and finally was able to pick out my tux and pay for it.

Next we need the tickets to the prom, and apparently it was at the same time everyone that was going also needed their tickets!

The ticket line went from the front of the school clear out to the football field!

I waited and waited and finally got to the end of the line and bought our tickets.

Next we needed the boutonnières so I drove to the flower shop and wouldn’t you just know it!

The line stretched clear around the building across the street down and alley and into the next neighborhood, but I was determined.

So I got in line and waited and waited and waited finally I was able to buy the flowers and get to the last thing on my list.

I got back in my car and drove to the limo rental place and of course the line there was as long as the line to the flower shop!

I finally made my way inside and put the deposit on the very last limo they had available that night!

The big night arrived and my date and I were dancing and having a fantastic time!

After a few songs she looked at me said she was thirsty and asked if I’d go get her a drink.

So I went over to the refreshment table and to my surprise There was no punch line.


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