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A Physics Professor Asks A Question - Lolopo
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A Physics Professor Asks A Question

If a plane is flying in South East direction at 795 miles an hour and it takes a torque of 58000 N/m2 to bang a nut from the main pillar of Brooklyn Bridge, then calculate my age as of today?

The ivy league geniuses in the class immediately went to work.

Firing up their computers and calculators, googling answers, scribbling on papers tirelessly.

Jake was just sitting and was alternating between staring at the wall and watching everyone chew their hair while solving the puzzle.

He waited for about 30 seconds and immediately shot his hand in the air, while smiling confidently.

The whole class’s jaws dropped and they stopped what they were doing and started intently watching Jake.

Professor – Yes jake, my boy. Go ahead.

Jake – Sir, you are 60 years old.

Professor – Brilliant answer!! Amazing.

The whole class was now astonished and mind boggled.

The boy who hasn’t given a single correct answer in the class the whole year, just solved the toughest puzzle ever.

They just waited for the explanation.

Professor offered him to come to the front, gave him the mic and said – the stage is all yours Jake.

Now tell everyone, how you derived the solution so quickly.

Jake, totally calm, said – sir, I have a cousin, Aunt Susan’s son, Clark, who is 30 years old and the doctors have diagnosed him as HALF INSANE.

Once i remembered about him, it was just basic maths.


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