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A Guy Was Driving Past A Farm

A guy was driving past a farm one day when he noticed a beautiful horse stood in one of the fields.

Hoping to buy the horse, the guy stopped and offered the farmer $500 for it.

The farmer said, “Sorry, he’s not for sale. He doesn’t look too good.”

The guy said, “He looks just fine tell you what, I’ll give you $1,000 for him.”

The farmer again said, “Sorry, he’s not for sale he doesn’t look too good.”

The guy now really wanted the horse and so increased his offer to $1,500.

The farmer said, “Well, he doesn’t look so good but if you want him that much he’s yours.”

So the guy bought the horse and took him home.

The next day he returned to the farm, hopping mad.

He shouted at the farmer, “Hey, you cheated me! You sold me a blind horse!”

The farmer calmly said, “I told you he didn’t look too good, didn’t I?”


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