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A Man Goes Fishing By The River

A Man goes fishing by the river, sitting on the bank after a couple of hours he has no luck he looks across the river and sees a lil ole lady fishing, within 10 minutes she has 30 fish in front of her.

Hmmm, that must be the lucky spot:

The next day he goes to the spot he had seen her 2 hours later still no fish.

As he packs up his gear he sees the same little ole lady where he was yesterday, she throws her line in and within 10 minutes she bags another 30 fish.

Man thinks she must have a secret way, so he goes over to get information.

Man: “Excuse me miss I notice yesterday you caught a lot of fish.”

Lady: “Every time I go fishing I catch a lot of fish.”

Man: “Yes I see that cause it happened again today, so what’s your secret?”

Lil ole lady: “Well when I wake up in the morning, I lift the blanket in my bed, if my man’s pecker is leaning to the left, I go to the left side of the river, If it leans to the right, I go to the right side, every time I catch a lot of fish.”

Man: “Hmmmm oh okay, but what happens when it’s standing straight up?

Lil ole lady: “Who the hell would want to go fishing!”


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