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A Man Goes Out Of Town On Business - Lolopo
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A Man Goes Out Of Town On Business

A man goes out of town on business, and asks his good friend if he can house sit for him whiles he’s gone.

The friend agrees, and a week later, the man shows back up at his home.

“Hey bro!” the man says as he opens his front door.

“How did it go while I was gone? Everything go ok?”

“Your cat’s dead.”

“I– what!?”

“Yeah she’s dead. Sorry man.”

“Wha– that’s how you tell me? Jesus, man!”

“What? There’s not much I can say that can change the fact.”

“Well, you could have at least PREPARED me a bit! I dunno, just like led into it!

Maybe, ‘hey bro, so your cat was up on the roof, she made after some squirrel, had a bad fall, and, well, sorry man, she didn’t make it.’

Something like that!” Anything but ‘Hey your cat’s dead.’”

“Hey, I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine. I’m just– upset that my cat’s gone.

Well, did anything else happen while I was gone?”


“So your mom was up on the roof…”


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