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The Mental Hospital

There was a mental hospital that was filled with a lot of psycho patients, so one day the psychiatrist in charge set a test for the patients to see who got his mind in place and release him, he walks into the room and asked them :”imagine that you are a taxi driver and you are driving your car”, all the patients jumped over their beds and start driving and making car noises, the doctor noticed that one patient who is laying on his bed and didn’t do as the others, he walks into that patient and asks him :”

why did you not drive your taxi like the others ?”

The patient :”what ! Do you think im crazy to drive a car around the room ?”

The doctor was very happy that he could save one patient out of this hospital.

“Come with me to my office so i can give you the release paper” the doctor said.

The patient sets on his bed happily with a smile on his face and say :”now that worth it to start my taxi, hop on doc”.


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