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Clean Jokes

The Teacher Decided To Have A Classroom

One morning to spice things up, the teacher decided to have a classroom drawing project.

One person would start, then the next student would add to the drawing.

She asked the students who wanted to start first, so little Johnny raised his hand.

Knowing little Johnny had a disturbed mind, she decided to pick Suzie first.

“I drew a box on the ground!” Proclaimed little Suzie.

The teacher said it was a great start, and asked the next student to add on.

Ignoring little Johnny teacher chose Billy.

“I turned the box into a house!”

The teacher thought it was wonderful, and went on to Timmy.

“I added the sun to shine down onto the house!”

“Excellent” replied the teacher.

Still ignoring Johnny the teacher chose Jenny next.

“I added some snow on the roof because it’s been such a snowy winter!”

By this point like Johnny could barely control himself.

The teacher thought there was no way Johnny could ever turn this into a dirty picture, so he allowed him up to the chalkboard.

“This is my dad bending over in the shower to pick up the soap!”


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