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A 50 Year Old Postman - Lolopo
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A 50 Year Old Postman

A 50 year old postman is finally retiring As he goes down his route one less time everyone showers him with gifts.

A watch, a new wallet, money, a farewell card from one of children.

All is well, until he comes upon his last house.

When he knocks a beautiful woman, scantily clad is at the door.

She pulls him in and they make love in her bedroom.

After they are done she makes him a cup of coffee, an omelette and some bacon.

While sipping on his coffee he finds a 50 dollar bill under it.

Confused he asks the woman: Miss Jones I’m flattered, but what is the meaning of this?-

She answers him: Well yesterday my husband and I were discussing what to give you for your retirement.

He suggested “bang him, give him a 50”.

The breakfast was my idea.-


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