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A Guy Demands From The Bartender

A guy demands from the bartender a 40-year old scotch.

The bartender pours him a glass.

After a drink, the man replies,

“That was terrible Scotch and you know it.”

I want 40-year old Scotch.

The bartender pours him another glass.

After another drink, the man replies,

“That was only 10-year old Scotch, I want 40-year old Scotch.”

The bartender is starting to get curious now, and grabs a bottle from his top shelf and pours another glass.

The man takes a sip, and says,

“That’s better, but it was still only 20-year old Scotch, I want 40-year old Scotch.

By now a crowd has started to form.

The bartender reaches into his private stash, and pours again.

Another sip, and the man proclaims,

“Now *THIS* is 40-year old Scotch,” to cheers from the crowd.

The town drunk hands him a glass and says,

“Here, try this.”

Unruffled, the man smiles and takes a sip, and immediately spits it back out.

“Good God man, that’s P!ss!”

“Right!” exclaims the drunk.

“Now, how old am I?”


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