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Funny Jokes

A Man Finds A Odd Looking Lamp

The man picks the lamp up and rubs it, and to his surprise, a genie flies out.

“I will grant you one wish, and one wish only”

The man thinks, ” What could I ever wish for, I have a great life.”

The genie says to the man, ” Life might be great now, but the odds may be against you, your future may be uncertain”

The man thinks for a while, “Ok then, let me see my future”

“I must warn you”, the genie replies,”Once one has seen their future, it is bound to change, you see, one one sees their own future, it will never, ever happen”.

The man, thinking of himself as quite cunning, then asks the genie,”Fine then, oh wise genie, I wish to see the way in which I will die”

The genie then says,”oh, you are a clever one aren’t you, if you know how you will die, you have seen the future, by seeing the future, it will not happen.”

The man, feeling proud of himself, exclaims, “Well?, tell me how I die then”

The genie waves his arms about and says some words in a strange language,

“You, young man, will die of old age at the age of 97”

The man replies, “shit”


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