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A Young Priest - Lolopo
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A Young Priest

There was a young priest who was having trouble both writing and delivering his sermons.

So he asked his Bishop for help.

The wise old Bishop said, “Well you might start with something to attract and hold their attention, such as, ‘Last night I was in the warm embrace of a good woman,’ that will get their attention then you go on to talk about how warm and accepting she was and at the end reveal she was your mother; that is great for sermons about family love.”

The young priest decided to take the advice.

The following Sunday he got into the pulpit and said, “Last night I was in the arms of a hot woman,” he paused.

The congregation was totally transfixed; no lack of attention now.

But he had forgotten what come next, so he stumbled on about how great she was and how good she made him feel.

Then he thought of a way to get out of his problem.

He said in conclusion, “Well I may not remember who she was, but she was recommended by the Bishop!”


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