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Mother Of 10 Boys Finally Welcomes Baby Girl

Sometimes, if you really really want something, you’ve just got to keep trying until you get it.

No matter what your goals, you have to push boundaries and excel yourself to achieve anything.

But, does that apply to children? What if you really want a baby girl?

We can only assume that was the case for mom of 11 Alexis Brett, who gave birth to 10 boys before finally having a baby girl.

Two years ago, Alexis gave birth to Rothagaidh, her tenth boy.

This made her the first mom in Britain to have 10 boys in a row.

However, last week a little surprise came along. The new addition to the family was a baby girl who they named Cameron! At the age of 39, and with her family of 11 complete, Alexis was incredibly happy.

She had spent an incredible eight years pregnant in the last 18 years.

Her eldest is now 17, and her youngest just a few weeks.

But, she loves all of her kids equally, as all parents should.

This last pregnancy was unplanned, but Alexis is happy with her family now. No more surprises.

“There’ll be no more,” she said. “I said that last time but this time, I absolutely mean it.

I love my family as it is now.”

She explains how some people judge her quickly because of her family.

“Some people think we must be on benefits but we’re not.

David has a good job, which means we don’t even qualify for full child benefit.”

Alexis is a stay-at-home mom, and hoovers seven times a day, and puts on 49 loads of washing a week.

She’s a hard worker for sure but soon wants to get back to her old job as a fitness instructor.


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