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Funny Jokes

The jewelry store

An old geezer walks into the jewelry store with a hot babe on his arm.

The shopkeeper was going to close but figured the guy must be loaded so he’ll stay open.

The old man is laying it on thick:

“I want to see a ring that won’t look dull compared to my angel’s beautiful eyes.”

The girl is beaming and excited.

The rings brought out seem to satisfy the girl, but the old man says,

“This looks cheap compared to such an exquisite woman. If this is the best you’ve got we’ll go somewhere with more class.”

The shopkeeper tells him to wait a minute.

He comes back with a ROCK.

Huge perfect diamond with little stones around it that would have been large center stones on an ordinary ring.

Very expensive price as you would expect.

The girl is beside herself.

The old man says, “This will do. I’ll write you a check.”

The shopkeeper looks uneasy.

The geezer says, “Don’t worry son. You will have to resize it, so you’ll have the check and the ring. You can do the resize and Monday when the bank clears the check, I’ll pick up the ring.”

The man agrees and the geezer leaves with the girl all over him.

Monday arrives and in the afternoon the old man returns to the store alone.

The shopkeeper says, “You SOB! I called the bank this morning, they said if that check is for more than $80 it is going to bounce.”

The geezer says, “Oh, I know. I just came to tell you about the GREAT weekend I had.”


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