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Naughty Jokes

A business man got on an elevator

A business man got on an elevator.

When he entered,there was a blonde already inside who greeted him with a bright ,”t-g-i-f”

He smiled at her and replied,”s-h-i-t”

She looked puzzled,and repeated,”t-g-i-f”.

More slowly he answered,”s-h-i-t”

The blonde was trying to keep it friendly,so,she smiled her biggest smile and said as sweetly as possibly,”t-g-i-f”

The man smiled back to her and once again”s-h-i-t”.

The exasperated blonde decided to explain what “t-g-i-f” means “thank goodness it`s Friday”,get it duuhhh?

The man answered”s-h-i-t” means “sorry honey it`s Thursday.”


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