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Naughty Jokes

A French , Russian And Indian Are On A Flight

They are the only passengers, and there is only one window.

The French sits next to the window and cracks open the window

After a few hours he jumps up and down saying “we’re in france , we’re in france”.

The other ask how does he know , to which the French says “ i can smell the aroma of my country , cheese , rivers and coffee “.

Curious to know they ask the pilot who confirms that they are indeed over France.

Next the russian sits next to the window.

After a few hours the Russian starts jumping up and down saying “ we’re in mother russia i can smell the northern winds “ and sure enough the pilot confirms it

Feeling peer pressure the Indian sits next to the window

After a few hours of forced breathing he sticks his hand out and in and looks at his hand and with a smile, shouts “ we’re in India “ the French looks at the Indians hand and asks” how do you know” the Indian replies” somebody stole.


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