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Naughty Jokes

Two Teenage Kids

Two teenage kids were waiting for the bus and there was this old man sitting at the station.

Let’s go and tease the grandpa- they said.

-Hey sir can we ask you a question? -yes sure.

What’s a thing with two wheels that you can ride? A bicycle said the old man.

Yes its a bicycle but it is a white bicycle so you didn’t find the answer.

The old man stared confused.

-Can we ask another one? -well ok.

What’s a thing with 4 wheels that you can ride?

a white car said the old man. -Yes its a car but it’s not white it’s a red car so you didn’t get the answer again.

Then the old man bothered by their intention ask them: -Can i ask you one? -Sure -What’s a thing that is pie-shaped and has some little hair on the sides? the kid with a dirty smile. -You didn’t get the answer right.


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