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Naughty Jokes

A Man Entered The Bar And Asked The Waiter

A man entered the bar and asked the waiter: – Waiter, please, I want an 18-year-old whiskey.

And waiter handed him the whiskey, when he took the first drink, spit it out, so the man said:

– This is a 15 year old whiskey, I want an 18 year old.

Then the waiter came with another whiskey, which was spat again:

– This is 17 years old, I want an 18 year old.

Then the waiter wondered, “How does he taste so sensitive as to differentiate the age of whiskey?”

So he decided to bring the 18-year-old, but a drunk came early and said to the guy:

– Drink it.

When he drank, he spat out:

– Dude, this is pee.

Then the drunk answered:

– Exactly, that everyone knows, but do you know how old I am?


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