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Naughty Jokes

Three Men On A Island

Three men get stranded on a deserted island.

They get captured by a local tribe and they get told that if they want to escape, they need to go out and get ten of the same fruit.

So all three of them go and get their fruit.

The first guy comes back with three apples and the tribe tells him that if he wants to live, then he needs to fit all the apples in his ass otherwise they’ll kill him.

He manages three in but then he just gives up, so they kill him.

Then the second guy comes along with ten grapes, so the tribe tells him the same thing.

After about 8 grapes in, he just bursts out laughing hysterically, so the tribe kills him.

Up in heaven, the first guy asks, “Dude how come you started laughing? You had that easy!”

The second guy replies, “Because I saw the third guy coming with ten pineapples”


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