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A School Hired A New Spanish Teacher

On the teacher’s first day, the principal decides to sit in her class to observe and takes a seat next to Little Johnny.

As the class progresses, the teacher writes a sentence in Spanish on the board.

Suddenly, she drops the chalk on the floor and bends down to pick it up.

When she straightens back up, she finishes writing the sentence and says.

“Now class, who can translate the sentence I just wrote?

Little Johnny raises his hand.

“Yes, Johnny” says the teacher.

Little Johnny says, “if only that skirt were a bit shorter…”

Naturally flustered, the teacher yells out, “Johnny!

That is disgusting and very rude! Get out of my class right now!”

As Little Johnny is packing his things, he hits the principal on the head with his Spanish textbook and says.

“And you Mister, if you don’t know your shit, keep your damn mouth shut!”


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