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Naughty Jokes

A Teacher Addresses Her Students

She lays out the agenda for the lesson:

“Alright everyone, I’m going to ask each of you what you did during lunch.

I’ll them ask you to write something on the board related to what you did – if you spell the word correctly, you’ll get a biscuit.”

The children all seem quite excited by this activity. The teacher begins…

Teacher: “Let’s start with you little Johnny. What did you do during lunch?”

Johnny: “I played in the sand.”

Teacher: “Wonderful Johnny. If you can write ‘sand’ on the board, you get a biscuit.”

Johnny successfully writes ‘sand’ on the board and is happy.

Teacher: “Miss Jenny, what about you? What did you do during lunch?

Jenny: “I played on the slide.”

Teacher: “Very good Jenny. If you can write ‘slide’ on the board, you can have a biscuit.”

Jenny succeeds in writing ‘slide’ on the board and is ecstatic.

The teacher moves on to her next student..

Teacher: “Achmed, what did you do over lunch?”

With a stammer in his voice and tears welling up in his eyes, Achmed starts his story.

Achmed: “I tried to play in the sand, but the boys called me names because I am different. Then I tried to play on the slide and the girls called me names and told me to get lost!”

Teacher: “Achmed, that sounds like blatant racial discrimination! I’ll tell you what, if you can write ‘blatant racial discrimination’ on the board, I’ll give you a biscuit.”


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