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Naughty Jokes

Drunk Boy

Once a young teenager boy went to a party, which ended so well, that he got home drunk.

Next morning he felt a huge pain in his head, and saw a blue circle aroun his eyes.

He asked his father, if he knew anything about it.

The father told him, that he hit the young boy in the face, because he got home drunk.

After this, the boy was always paying attention to drink only in real moderation.

At his 18th birthday, he went to his father and said: “Dad, it is my 18th birthday party, I will drink, and most probably I will come home drunk, at least a bit.

Can you please not beat me up this time?”.

The father agreed to tolerate his drunk son that night.

The young man was grateful, and drank a lot with his friends, and they had a great time together.

The next morning, the young man felt some serious pain in his head, and found another blue patch on his face.

He immediately went to his father, to question him about this.

The father replied to the compliment: ” You know son, I was keeping my word, didn’t say a word, when you came home drunk.

I tolerated, that you called your sister bitch.

Didn’t say a word, when you tried to punch me. You broke your grandmother’s favorite plate, and kicked a cat, I was silent.

But one thing I could not tolerate was when you shit on the couch in the living room, you thrusted a hundred toothpicks in it, and shouted that Mr. Hedgey lives with us now.”


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