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Johnny brought home his history test - Lolopo
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Johnny brought home his history test

Little Johnny brought home his history test result, it was 90.

His father was so happy with it.

However, his mother, Karen, just couldn’t believe her son got 90 in history.

After taking a closer look at the marks, she found that the handwriting styles of the 9 and the 0 are different.

“Johnny, you are so busted. Tell me, did you add the 0 to your marks?”

“No, mum, I didn’t.”

“I am asking you once more. Did you add that bang 0 to your marks?”

“Mum, no, I didn’t add that 0”.

“OK, as you’re not telling the truth, you are grounded for 1 month.”

“Mum, no, please, no, I really didn’t add that 0.”

“This is your last chance kid, tell me the truth.”

“……. I just added the 9 to it.”


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