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Two men are walking through - Lolopo
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Two men are walking through

Two men are walking through the woods together and they come across an insanely huge h*le in the ground.

The first man picks up a rock and tosses it into the h*le.

The rock vanishes from sight, and neither guy could hear the rock hit the bottom.

The second man decides to throw a huge log into the h*le.

After a few seconds pass, again there was no sound.

Both men, wanting to know how deep the h*le is, spot an anvil and decide to toss it in, surely it would make a noise loud enough to hear.

A few seconds after throwing the anvil in, a goat comes sprinting through the brush and dives into the h*le headfirst.

Both men are completely astonished and scared half to death.

A few minutes later, an old farmer comes tromping through the woods and asks the two men:

“Hey have you two seen my prize-winning goat?”

The first guy tells the farmer:

“Yeah! Just a minute ago your goat came sprinting through the woods and dove into the h*le! It scared us half to death!”

The old farmer replies: “That’s impossible! He was tied to an anvil!”


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